AP Calculus

AP calculusAs a cornerstone of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines as well as quantitative business fields, pre-college calculus education will only grow in relevance as more and more students consider educational and professional paths in such disciplines.

The Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus sequence is arguably one of the College Board’s most popular offerings in STEM, providing students the opportunity to earn university credit for and or waive out of up to two semesters of college level calculus sequences. Given the opportunities, thorough preparation for this rigorous examination is advised, to attain the requisite scores for advanced placement waivers and or college credits. Our Advanced Placement Calculus Preparation Sequence is suited both towards the current secondary school AP Calculus student, future AP secondary school AP calculus seeking calculus immersion, and those students wishing to self-study for the Advanced Placement Examination. A thorough review of the topics such as limits, differentiation, applications, integration techniques, volumes, basic differential equations, and infinite series will be reinforced with extensive preparation materials both designed to simulate the actual examination and provide the requisites for success on this examination.

While two sequences of Advanced Placement Calculus exist (AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC), this review session will cover all topics in AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC. Nevertheless, AP Calculus AB students are highly encouraged to join given that many topics and techniques from AP Calculus BC can be useful in topics covered in the AB Exam, such as L’Hopital’s Rule and Infinite Series in Evaluating Limits. Also, such topics will eventually be relevant to AP Calculus AB students, given that the AB examination only waives students out of the first semester calculus at most colleges. Nevertheless, AP Calculus AB topics will be reviewed extensively, given their commonality and presence on both the AB and BC exams. BC students will receive an AB sub score and BC score upon receipt of results.

Time: Saturday, 1-4pm 2/6-4/30

Donation: $1,025/13 classes


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