Chinese-American Family Coalition Celebrates “Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (APAHM)”

The Chinese-American Family Coalition (CAFC) hosted its annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration on June 9th at the Fair Lawn Community Center. Under the theme of “Unite Our Voices By Speaking Together”, the successful celebration consisted of exciting events and panels in which guests experienced Chinese traditional art and culture.

This year’s celebration […]


每年5月是美国亚太裔传统月,以纪念美国亚太裔对美国社会作出的重要贡献。据魏峰青介绍,今年是该协会第二次主办“亚太裔传统月”活动。去年,美国华仁协会参与美国国土安全部纽约/纽瓦克海关总局举办的“亚太裔传统月”活动,反响良好。为了更好地传播中国文化,美国华仁协会今年继续举办此活动。 […]

Learning Center News

2016 Spring Semester


Classes Date Time Period Sessions Instructor AMC 8 Saturdays 10:00am-12:00pm Jan. 16th – June 18th 19 Ben Wu SAT Chemistry Sundays 10:00am-1:00pm Feb. 6th – May 28th 17 Jeffery Jian SAT Literature Saturdays 10:00am-1:00pm Feb. 6th – May 28th 17 David Ohnmeiss SAT Chinese Saturdays 3:30pm-6:30pm Feb. 6th – May 28th […]

Community Events

June 7, 2014 (Saturday) at 7:00 PM. Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium, 274 Knickerbocker Road, Englewood, NJ 07631 […]

Holiday Celebration

Mid-Autumn Festival is an inherited custom of moon sacrificial ceremonies. The ancient Chinese observed that the movement of the moon had a close relationship with changes of the seasons and agricultural production. Hence, to express their thanks to the moon and celebrate the harvest, they offered a sacrifice to the moon on autumn days. […]

6th Annual Spring Recital

Do you want your lovely princess and prince be dressed and performed on the stage? Do you want to encourage the passion of your children to play instruments? Do you want to record the precious moments that your children perform on the stage at the first time? Please join our 6th Annual Spring Recital! […]

3rd Annual “Golden Peony” International Music Festiva

In the evening of 4 August 2015, the 3rd Annual “Golden Peony” International Music Festival of 2015 came to its full and round conclusion at the Fair Lawn Old Library Theatre in New Jersey. This is the 3rd such annual music festival organized by the Chinese American Families Coalition (CAFC). […]