USA Computing Olympiad JAVA Programing

In this digital era, CAFC Computer Learning Center offers children’s computer classes designed on the premise that early introduction and reinforcement of technological skills are keys to a child’s future successes. The program promotes a child to become independent in using technology for both school and leisure activities.

Our goals are to familiarize the child with computers, allow the child to become comfortable using the technology, and to provide the child with skills to use computer technology as a component of daily life while enhancing academic and developmental skills. In addition to the traditional offerings of CAFC Computer Learning Center, our specialty courses allow each child to learn code, discover game design, build apps and develop a website.

Programming Possibilities
The Programming Possibilities course instructs and further develops participants’ use of programming and coding skills while employing a variety of programming languages, such as Java, Matlab, Python.

CAFC learning  center offers  java courses designed for the beginners. These Lively and interesting courses guide student learn JAVA from basic to advanced concepts step by step.

Completing this course will gradually improve students basicknowledge of computer, promoting their ability of computer Programming and their ability of algorithm analysis.

Web Design
Students will learn the basics of designing a web page using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, creating their own personal website.

App Programming
App Programming teaches students how to use the tools to create their own Apps.

level 1. Java Foundations
In this course, students will learn the basic to advanced concepts of Java through simple and practical approach. The aim of this course is to inspire students’ interest in Java programming by designing their own cartoon games.
level 2. Data Structure and Algorithm with Java
This is a beginning-level data structures course designed to teach students how to program efficiently. We introduce some basic data structures and algorithms, such as arrays, stacks, trees, linked lists, and various sorting algorithms. We use multimedia to help students to understand data structures and algorithms. 
level 3. GUI with Java
In this course, students will learn many standard Graphical User Interface (GUI) components, such as buttons, labels, and text areas. Students can use these components to design their own interface that is very similar to Microsoft Office. Handling events is also a key issue in this course. 
level 4. Database with Java
After you have completed level 1 to level 3 classes, you now can connect your Java program to one of the databases. JDBC API of Java makes everyday database tasks easy. This course will guide you through examples to execute SQL statements. 
level 5. Java Networking Programming
After level 4, you now have skills of Java programming such as loading Applets from the Network and loading Images from URLs. But one important skill you still should learn is how to use Java networking API to communicate via TCP/IP sockets or UDP sockets over the internet. Java has so many easy-to-use networking API that makes your programming easy. 
level 6. Java Web Design
In this course, students will learn how to use Servlets and JSPs to create dynamic web applications. The aim of this course is to provide basic details of different components in Web Application. 
Optional course . Special course for USACO
After you have completed level 1 and level 2 courses, this optional course will prepare you to contest in USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) progressively through four leverls: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platimum.  


Instructor :  Java Professor from university with over ten years experience
Program Dates: Session 1 (Sat morning) : Apr 19th – Jun 18th    10:15 AM to 12:30 PM
Session 2 (Sat afternoon) : Apr 19th – Jun 18th    1:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Eligibility: Students completing 6th grade
Program Costs(Level 1): Application Fee: $50 (Non-Refundable)
Tuition: $680 (Early Bird 10% discount before 3/31/2016)
Phone Number: 201-585-8288



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